Growing up in the Northwest Territories, I would like to think that it was my exposure to the northern environment that enabled my interest in the visual arts. The elements found in such an extreme landscape undoubtedly impacted my need to investigate them further, first, through the use of line, and later, through the medium of acrylic. Translating aspects of both the terrain and sky onto canvas proved to be a stimulating endeavour, one that has changed how I perceive my surroundings. My eye never tires, rather, it is always searching and observing. Whether it be within nature or a manufactured setting, my need to frame a composition compels me to really look; visually, mentally, physically, I am always attempting to absorb a scene in order to produce my work.

My past profession as an Interior Designer has influenced my ability to continually manipulate colour, shape, and texture in order to convincingly depict and alter spaces. It was a challenge to tweak these principles in order to produce my own designs. I try to do the same within my paintings. I manipulate line, colour, shape, and values while challenging myself with a composition and the final application of colour. It is a continual learning process.